AlienSolanaNFT Mint Time


3333 aliens that are automatically generated with over 100+ unique attributes! NEKAOPA!


We are aliens and this is not fiction. We wanna tell you a story. It began with the fact that we were surfing the universe, like usually, but noticed an interesting planet. It was not like the others. I went back to my planet QEWIDO-3756 and told my friend REXOKUTRA, that maybe we saw a planet where could be living beings

It was incredible, we captured it, then showed it to other aliens. They were delighted. Later we found out it was called "Earth". We decided to move to the Earth and establish communication, but a terrible thing happened. We arrived, there were 3333 of us. We landed thinking that the residents would be glad to see us, but no such luck. We were fettered and hid in Area 51. WTF... Oh.. Day after day, we were subjected to some kind of experiments, cruel treatment. Luckily for us, we have a device with which we can become transparent


Literally: invisibility, the ability to walk through walls, and so on. Unfortunately, when we were unexpectedly attacked, someone dropped it, causing it to break. For a long time here, the smartest of us have been busy fixing it. And we managed to restore our device. We went out, wanted to fly away, but it turned out, that they took our ship apart and handed it over for scrap. Humans are not that smart, that we thought they were, but anyway

Now we are hiding and we are on the wanted list. Unfortunately, we will not be able to hide like this forever, because the device cannot be completely restored. We will remain invisible for a while, until this device must be disposed of. And one day we will need your help. It is the "Mint Day". We want you to hide us on your crypto wallets in the form of NFT.




  • First Step

    Assemble a team of professionals, including developers, designers, and assistants, who are interested in the project

  • Second Step

    Run a Discord server, create a website, create a Twitter account and make it all look adorable

  • Third Step

    Draw pictures and give you the opportunity to look at them in the channel sneak-peak

  • Fourth Step

    Previously reach an agreement with the secondary markets (Solanart / Alpha / FTX / DigitalEyes / SolSea / MagicEden) about the possibility of listing our NFT and with howrare to make it easier for you to check the rarity of NFT

  • Fifth Step

    Have a successful mint and enjoy your lucky NFT with our community.

  • Sixth Step

    Distribute 50% of the royalties among cardholders (the more aliens you have, the more you get) The community will decide what to do with the remaining 50% (donate funds to charity or distribute among holders

  • Seventh Step

    A Secret Super Lottery between NFT holders. If you want to participte, you should hold your alien. The prize will be equel to 10% of total minting. Winner will be able to choose between money and prize that we buy and send ourselves


  • Eigth Step

    Secret Airdrop for NFT cardholders

  • Ninth step

    Announcement of our project's merchandise and P2E game, where you can steadily earn money.



What is "FAQ"?

It is Frequently Asked Questions

What wallet should I use to mint NFT?

Phantom or other

Where to buy Solana?

We use Binance and FTX and recommend the same

What do I need to do in order to get into the whitelist?

The first 200 people, who join the server will automatically receive this role, and the remaining 469 people must complete some tasks: invite 5 people and get level 5 on the server.

How and where can I buy our NFT

On this website, you will have to connect your wallet in advance and wait until the timer expires, after there the mint button will be available. If you managed to mint, 0.69 solana will be debited from your wallet and the NFT will appear in your wallet.

Where to sell my Alien NFT?

On most popular marketplaces

Will it be possible to check rarity of my NFT?

Yes, by using the “howrare” service and you can check on this site

How NFT can I mint?

1 per transaction and an unlimited amount per wallet

What is the "NEKAOPA"?

Oh... Uhm.. Nevermind, it is just the code word. Sorry, we love our Alien's language very much


  • lom

    Creative Director

  • rex

    Project Owner

  • mat


  • web

    WEB Designer.

  • zic

    Discord Manager.

  • kowoita